Pepper’s ghost

Mentor: Marijana Paunović, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade

The effect of “Pepper’s ghost” is named after the scientist Henry Pepper who in 1862 demonstrated the eponymous illusion technique, which has found purpose in different media forms. It is achieved using the principles of geometrical optics. An observer watches the show through the transparent glass, which, when required, has the effect of mirrors. Ghostly object appears on the scene as a result of reflection on the glass surface. There are different 3D models used to achieve this effect and will be realized at the workshop. The results are permanent didactic models.
The workshop is divided into two parts. The first part of the workshop will take place at the Faculty of Applied Arts for a period of ten days, and refers to the implementation and development of sketches, preliminary design and project. The second part is scheduled for realization of the models in the Museum of Science and Technology (4 days).

Participants of
Pepper’s ghost workshop

Isidora Vulić, Đurđa Garčević, Strahinja Kolobarić, Nevena Marković, Nataša Mihailović, Milena Stanimirović, Marko Šerer
Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia

Veljko Matić, Katarina Nedeljković
Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia